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Allegheny Intermediate Unit Education Association


Allegheny Intermediate Unit Education Association

412 - 417- 1748 For Emergencies or 

724-433-1015 for routine calls and/or texts!



Member Information

  • Be sure to attend the Special Needs Fair and Expo at Pathfinder School on Saturday, April 30, 2016. Activities, resources, fun, family friendly and free to attend!!

    AIUEA President’s Message

    Victoria Rice Campbell

    April 10, 2016

    Please read the email from our President concerning the survey for the 2016 Collective Bargaining Agreement. Directions and website to survey monkey are attached in that email!!

    Please consider nominating a member/individual from the Special Education Division for the 2016 Annie Sullivan Award.  The member/individual does not have to be a 'classroom' teacher.  However, the member/individual must be eligible for membership in the AIUEA.

     The forms are in the documents section to the right if you choose to nominate a colleague. 

    Nominations are due to Vice President Lindsey A. Cecala no later than midnight on Friday, April 29, 2016. Email:     Cell Phone: 412-320-3639

    Furlough Numbers:

    On Tuesday, March 15, 2016, furlough numbers were drawn and recorded for individuals who hold common seniority dates.  These numbers will be applicable only during a Reduction in Staff (furlough) situation.  The furlough number is retained throughout the professional’s career and trumps all realignment numbers. 

    On Friday, April 1, the AIU shared their 2016 Seniority/Certification List including a column for furlough numbers.  Vice President Lindsey A. Cecala compared the AIU’s list with the documents which were completed at the March 15, 2016 Meeting.  As many furlough numbers were missing from the AIU’s list,  Lindsey and I will now meet with HR to finalize the document.  The furlough numbers will be appear on all future Seniority/certification lists.

    Please know that the furlough numbers are not applicable to Unit Realignment (UR).  If furloughs are necessary, at Central Realignment (CR), they will be employed – but there must be furloughs for these numbers to be activated.  UR and CR numbers will be drawn as per the Collective Bargaining Agreement and as they have traditionally been applied.  However, if furloughs are necessary, a furlough number trumps any CR number drawn.

    I realize the process is complex.  However, to use the furlough number at CR, which in many cases will likely never be used, allows the employee with the lowest number to ALWAYS have the most options for position procurement throughout the careers of individuals sharing the same seniority date.

    Once Lindsey and I have approved the furlough numbers on the 2016 Seniority/Certification List, Association Leadership will return the list to HR for inclusion in the Central Realignment packet which is due to you no later than May 7, 2016.  Communications Chair Danielle Clouse will also post the list on the Association’s website - ASAP.

    Every professional will also receive a copy of her/his document which reflects the selected furlough number.  Association Leadership asks that you retain the document with your important papers.  Please note, that the original document is held with HR and to ensure duplicability, the Association also holds a copy of each document.


    Unit Realignments

    A member of the AIUEA Executive Committee Team will be present at every Unit Realignment.



    As per our Constitution and Bylaws, the membership will elect officers of the AIUEA to serve the term of 2016-2018.  Jan Vogan, School Psychologists, has been named as President of Elections.  Think about whom you may want to nominate to lead the local Association.  Only members of the AIUEA can vote in the upcoming elections. Details to follow.


    Travel Procedures

    If you are in the Special Education Department and are an itinerant, you likely received a document delineating Travel Procedures.  Please know that Upper Administration has been notified that Association Leadership questions the congruency of the procedure with the negotiated and agreed-upon language in Section 69 – Reimbursement for Travel.  A meeting will be scheduled to ingest the intent of the guidelines.  It is our understanding that other departments did not receive the same Travel Procedures.


    On signing-in and Signing-out

    It is a matter of safety and accountability for employees to sign-in and sign-out of their buildings.  At a site where there is no procedure to do so, please follow Admin’s directive.  If there is no procedure and no directive, think about the protection which Vice President Darlene Geddes has designed for herself: at one particular site, she has created her own Sign-in/out Sheet, which she keeps in her mailbox.

    Please protect yourself and guard your accountability.


    Trust v. Accountability

    Unfortunately, trust is gone.

    It has been replaced by accountability.


    Worker’s Compensation and Manager

    David Zimmerman, HR, has replaced James Arthur as the Safety/Risk Manager at the AIU.  Please access Section 39 F. Worker’s Compensation of your Collectible Bargaining Agreement for procedures, rights, and responsibilities should you be involved in an incident at work. You should also have a neon-colored business card which directs you of your required actions following an incident.

    Please also note in Section 39 A. Unsafe and Hazardous Conditions, that you have the right to report any hazardous, unsafe, or unhealthy situation by accessing the Action Needed Form, available on the AIU website in the Safety/Risk and Management section.


    Michael Harrison Named Certification Committee Chair

    Due to our on-going need for certification clarification, I have named Michael Harrison, Grievance Chair, as our Certification Committee Chair.  He has direct contact to Jamal Wakeem, Certification Specialist at PDE, and will continue to access Mr. Wakeem to answer questions concerning certifications.


    Change in Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

    The AIU has changed the EAP provider.  Janet Breiding will set a meeting with Michael Garofalo and Association Leadership to share the details.


    A Message from Janet Breiding, HR, Concerning Open Enrollment for Health Care Options

    Our annual open enrollment period for health insurance coverage is coming up!  During open enrollment you will be able to make changes to your health insurance coverage.  You can enroll, add/remove dependents, change insurance plans, or opt out of coverage.  Open enrollment is from May 15 – June 15 with an effective date of July 1 for any changes.  Emails will be sent out at the beginning of May explaining the open enrollment process and information about the insurance plans.



    Central Office at the AIU is piloting a Wellness Program which includes videos that instruct how to exercise ‘at your desk’.  I know, I know….when would professionals have time during the work day??

    If the program is found to be of value, it will be shared with AU employees who are located off-site.


    Request from Mr. Fratto, Principal at The Pathfinder School

    I received the following request from Mr. Fratto concerning rumors about the closing of The Pathfinder School.  I assured him that my members support the continued operation of an institution which is so valued by Admin, staff, students, and community.  However, he does make a cogent point – let us not engage in negative-speak about the demise of our amazing institution.  Let us support Admin and our members as they strive to sustain their extraordinary work with their cherished students.

    It has been brought to my attention, on more than one occasion that rumors are being spread in the other schools that Pathfinder will only be open for one more year and then will be closing.  This rumor is completely false. 

    I am sure you would all agree that rumors like this can have a very negative impact on staff morale and, if shared as truth with school districts and the general public, can ultimately have a negative impact on our student enrollment.  I know that the principals in the buildings have already addressed this with their respective staff members.  However, I am asking for your support as well.  If you could please address this with your association members and dissuade staff from spreading these false rumors, I would appreciate it.  I know my staff here would greatly appreciate your support in this matter as well.


    PSEA’s Online Courses

    Link to for FREE Act 48 Hours.  As PSEA is a recognized provider, you do not need permission from the AIU to partake of the offerings.  To participate, you will need your 7-digit individual Professional Personnel Identification Number (PPID).

    Remember, as connoted below from PA Act 48 of 1999, a professional is responsible for the recertification of her/his certificate/license by completing 180 hours of professional development.  Your catchment time is based on your initial time frame in education. 

    (d)  [All professional employes of school districts, joint school districts, intermediate units or area vocational-technical schools receiving their initial Pennsylvania teaching or administrative certification, as provided for in this article, on or after June 1, 1987, shall be required at least once during every five-year period, commencing upon receipt of a permanent teaching certificate or an initial administrative certificate, to participate in professional development activity pursuant to the professional development plan of that professional employe's school district, joint school district, intermediate unit or area vocational-technical school.

    Visit this site if you need additional information:



    We are educational specialists…….we stay with the child relentlessly.


    To contact your Association leadership, phone calls/texts are welcomed to the following numbers:

                Vice President Darlene Geddes at 724.433.1015

                President Victoria Rice Campbell at 412.417.1748



    Tuesday, April 26: Primary Election Day

    Wednesday, May 18: Representative Council

    Wednesday, May 25: Central Realignment (ESL teachers who hold additional certifications are encouraged to attend, at least to view the open positions.)

    2015-2016 Unit Realignment Schedule

    Monday, April 4
    D. Conway
    Thursday, April 14
    M. Harrison, J. Coles
    Friday, April 8
    D. Geddes, 
    Monday, April 11
    S. Brannagan/D. Clouse, M. Harrison, J. Coles
    Transition Consultants
    Monday, April 11
    Wednesday, April 13
     J. Pressman, L. Cecala
    Friday, April 15
    L.A. Cecala, D. Clouse
    Monday, April 11
    D. Geddes, D. Conway
    Pupil Personnel
    Friday, April 8
    D. Geddes
    Wednesday, April 20
    VRC, J. Coles, D. Conway
    Monday, August 15


    Section 81 – Retirement Benefits

    Those choosing to retire at the end of the 2015-2016 academic year are reminded that letters of retirement are due to HR on Wednesday, March 30.  If age and service-years eligible for retirement benefits, failure to meet the deadline could result in the nullification of the benefits.   However, a member may also exercise the sixty day retirement notification and, if age and service-years eligible, then receive the retirement benefits without meeting the Wednesday, March 30 deadline.
    Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs)
    Because Association Leadership was not able to coordinate a presentation date with James Henninger-Voss, the distribution of the 2104-2016 CBA has begun and will be distributed as quickly as possible at building sites and at professional development venues.  If there is no professional development day scheduled in your near future, your CBAs will be mailed.  If you do not receive a 2014-2016 CBA, please contact Vice President Darlene Geddes at 724.433.1015.

    It is our intent to reschedule James' presentation in the Fall of 2016 – even if there is a ratification of a new agreement.
    Sunrise School Super Hero 5 K
    Sunday, May 22 at 9 AM
    Monroeville Community Park West in Monroeville, Pennsylvania



    Above is the link for the free PSEA On Line Learning classes.  
    At this point, there are 16 courses from which to choose.  In keeping with the Act 48, one hour = one credit...............and because PSEA is an approved provider. Excellent resource for act 48 credits and free!!!

  • The new IRS regulations for mileage reimbursement are now at 54 cents per mile. Please note this in your voucher! 

  • Please note the Highmark newly approved pharmacies list is in the documents section to the right entitled Pharmacies. 

  • Clearances!

    Be sure to provide evidence of your three PDE required clearances to Human Resources.  The AIU has stated that all proofs of clearances are to be submitted to Alice Gillenberger, HR, no later than Tuesday, December 1, 2015.

    If your proof documents have not as yet arrived to you, please notify Alice  at, so that the AIU is aware that the proof documents are imminent. 

    PDE has stated that any professional who has not obtained her/ his clearances will not be able to perform her/his professional duties after December 31, 2015.

  • Please note that the Living in Distinguished powerpoint is under our documents section to the right for your viewing pleasure!!

  • A directive by the state of Pennsylvania issued October 5, 2015 now requires 3D mammograms to be covered by insurance under existing law. 

    What is it: A 3D Mammogram (Tomosynthesis) is similar to a regular mammogram, except the x ray device moves around the breast, taking x rays at various angles to create a 3D image. While it may not be necessary in all cases, it does provide a better image for those women with dense breast tissue. The members treating physician will decide what type of mammogram is needed based on the members clinical condition and medical necessity. 

    When it is effective: Effective 10-5-15, it will be covered under the members benefit plan, the same as standard mammograms. Note: Over the next coming months, our preventative schedules and medical policies will be amended to reflect that change. 

    Where to get  3D Mammogram: The members physician, if prescribing a 3D mammogram, will direct them to a facility that has such capability. Some providers such as Excela, the Wexford Health Pavilion, Mon Valley Hospital, to name a few have been marketing via print and TV Ads their capabilities for 3D Mammograms. 

  • The dues for the 2015-2016 for PSEA/NEA are $696.00. With keeping locals the same ($200) it would make the yearly total to $896 or $89.60 a month - an increase of .70 per month.
  • Look under the documents section on the right hand side for Act 48 information thru PSEA and the It Pays to Belong document!
  • Please "like" the Allegheny Intermediate Unit Association on 
  • Facebook! Just search for it and like us. Important information
  •  and dates will be on this page. Feel free to share!
  • If you change your name, email or phone number at any time, 
  • please send the information to our membership chair  !!! 

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