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Allegheny Intermediate Unit Education Association

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Member Information
    The Representative Council of the Allegheny Intermediate Unit will meet at the Eatn’Park at the Waterfront and commence at 4:30 PM on
    Tuesday, September 9, 2014
    Tuesday, November 11, 2014
    Tuesday, January 13, 2015
    Tuesday, March 10, 2015
    Tuesday, May 12, 2015 
    Your dinner will be compliments of the Association and you will receive a voucher for the reimbursement of your mileage to and from the meeting. 
    Please join us!

    On June 30, 2014, the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the Allegheny Intermediate Unit (AIU) and the Allegheny Intermediate Unit Education Association (AIUEA) expired.   As such, as we begin academic year 2014-2015,  we shall continue to work under the terms and conditions of the 2011-2014 CBA.

    Due to the extension, all individuals will remain on their respective 2013-2014 salary step.  As well, any individuals, who have earned additional credits which may result in lateral movement, shall remain on their respective 2013-2014 salary step.

    It is important to note that, traditionally, the AIU and the AIUEA have settled CBAs which are retroactive to the sunset date of the previous agreement – in this case, the 2011-2014 CBA.

    On behalf of the Negotiations Team and the Negotiations Core Team, we thank you for your continued support as we work toward a fair and equitable agreement. 

    You are welcome to contact VICTORIA CAMPBELL regarding this message.

    Dues for 2014-2015 School Year

    PSEA      $506.00

    NEA       $183.00

    Local      $200.00

    Total      $889.00

    Dues payments will be $88.90/month for 10 months. 

    This is the 10th year in which local dues have NOT been raised.


To Do List for 2014-2015

(Not all Activities May Apply to all Members)

·         VOTE on Monday, November 4, 2014!

o    Consider the PSEA-endorsed candidates.

·         Attend AIUEA General Membership Meeting(s) scheduled this Fall.  Postcard with dates/sites to follow.

·         Check salary: Reg Teach x 24 = step and column on the salary schedule.

·         Know Weingarten Rights: Reference PSEA calendar or visit our website at http://aiuea.psealocals

·         Access Association websites: aiuea.psealocals;;

·         Check accumulative sick leave on AESOP:

·         Record in-service, clerical, IEP, sick and emergency/personnel leave dates on PSEA pocket calendar

·         Check Act 48 credits:  (Must have PDE Professional ID number to access.)

·         Check Personnel File: Human Relations Office at AIU (Must make an appointment.)

·         Check beneficiaries for PSERS:

·         Read PSERS publications or access online:

o    Attend the AIUEA’s Pre-retirement Workshop on Monday, March 2, 2015 at the AIU.

·         Check beneficiaries on NEA Complimentary Life Insurance Program: www.

·         Access PSEA Member Benefits:

·         Know AIU procedure for reporting an accident: Use your orange instruction card.

·         Secure the names of your Local Liaison Team

o    Consider serving on your department’s  Local Liaison Team

·         Read your 2011-2014 Collective Bargaining Agreement which has been extended until a new agreement has been ratified.    



  • Negotiations Update #4 from Suzanne Brannagan, AIUEA Chief Negotiator


    The Core Team of the AIUEA met with representatives of the AIU on May 22, 2014 and June 12, 2014. Our negotiation sessions continue to be amiable and productive. The AIUEA Core Team will continue to negotiate over the summer. Further meeting dates are scheduled in July. On behalf of the AIUEA Negotiating TEAM we would like to thank you for your support during the negotiation process. Have a relaxing enjoyable summer.


    *As always, our goal for the next Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is a fair and equitable contract. 


    You may reach AIUEA leadership at any time by emailing us at

    For your reference, the updates will also be posted on our website at


    The sections listed below have been signed as a Tentative Agreement (TA).



    Tentative Agreement (TA) Sections


    23 – Work Day

    30 – Personal/Emergency Leave

    59-Speech/Language, Hearing and Vision Itinerants (revision)

    60-Non – Public Schools

  • Recently PSEA President Mike Crossey sent an email regarding new legislation being introduce attacking our pensions, The Corbett/Tobash Pension Bill .  President Crossey is asking all members to call their Legislators in Harrisburg stating they are against the Corbett/Tobash Pension Bill and it needs to be defeated.  A sample phone script follows which can be used when phoning your legislators to speak on the pension.



    My name is____________ and I am a ______________ in the _______________ school district.


    I’m calling to ask youto oppose the Corbett/Tobash pension plan.


    This bill unfairlytargets anyone who takes leave to care for a child or loved one.


    And, independentexperts say the plan will cost more in the long and hurt the retirementsecurity of working families.


    Please, vote no on theCorbett/Tobash pension bill.


    Thank you.

     The Allegheny Intermediate Unit Education Association


The results of the 2014 Allegheny Intermediate Unit Education Association Elections are as follows:

President -                 Victoria Rice Campbell - 140 votes

Vice Presidents -       Dana Ritter - 123 votes

                                    Darlene Geddes - 121 votes

Secretary-                  Dena Conway - 136 votes


Treasurer-                 Christine Martin - 139 votes


Grievance-                  Mike Harrison - 138 votes

Membership-              Jan Pressman - 137 votes


Communications-        Danielle Clouse -137 votes

There were no Write In's

The newly elected Officers will serve a term beginning July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2016

The Allegheny Intermediate Unit Education Association Election Committee


Negotiations Update #3 from Suzanne Brannagan, AIUEA Chief Negotiator

The Core Team of the AIUEA met with representatives of the AIU on April 9, 2014, April 22, 2014, and April 29, 2014. Our negotiation sessions have been positive and productive. Further meeting dates are scheduled.

As always, our goal for the next Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is a fair and equitable contract. 

You may reach AIUEA leadership at any time by emailing us at

The sections listed below have been signed as a Tentative Agreement (TA).

It is suggested that you track the signed sections by noting them in your 2011-2014 CBA. 

If you know of a colleague who is not receiving negotiation updates, please have her/him email  to provide a private email address.  Use of an AIU email address is not appropriate and will not be accepted as part of the list serve. For your reference, the updates will also be posted on our website at

Tentative Agreement (TA) Sections


3-Statuatory Savings Clouse

4-Just Cause Provision

5-Rights and Privileges

6 - Availability of Budgetary Information

7-Right to Speak at Meetings

8-Use of School Buildings

9-Use of School Equipment

10-Bulletin Board

11-Use of Special Education Center Mail Facilities

12-Required Meetings or Hearings

13-Pay Periods

15-Notification of Teaching Assignment

16-Notification of Supplies

17 Teacher-Administration Liaison

18-Grievance Procedure

19 Notification of Complaint Procedure Related to AIU Contracted Services

21-School Calendar

22-Minority Religious Holiday

24-Extended Assignments

26-Attendance of Parent/Student Conferences

27-Sick Leave

28-Extended Sick Leave on Extended Contracts

29-Annual Report of Accumulated Sick Leave

31-Bereavement Leave

32-Jury Duty/Court Appearance Leave

33-Military Leave


35-Attending Professional Conferences/Trainings

40-Protection of Teacher, Students and Property

41-Graduate Study


43-Release Time for Meetings with Administration

44-Leaving the Building

45-Evaluation of Students


47-Art and Music

48-Non-Teaching Duties

49-Student Disciplinary Procedure

50-Teacher Facilities

51-Classroom Visits

53-Reduction of Staff

54-School Counselors, Psychologist, Audiologist, Transition Consultants and Social Workers


56-Clarification of Contract Sections for District Based Personnel

57-District Based Classes

59-Speech/Language, Hearing and Vision Itinerants

60-Non – Public Schools

62-Alternative Procedure for Adherence to Work Year in Cases of School District Strikes

64- Vehicle Road Emergency

65-Instructional Equipment Repair

66-Master and Head Teachers

67-Regular Part-Time Employee Benefits


72-Extracurricular Pay

73-Salary Schedules/Incremental Movement

74-Association Leave

75-Duplication of Agreement

76-No Strike/Lock- Out Provision

77-Zipper Clause

79-Exchange Teacher Leave

80-State and Local Association

81-Family and Medical Leave


85 - Transfer Between Entities

86-Fair Share

87-Job Sharing

88-DART Medication (Addendum A)

Appendix A-Caseload and Class Size for Special Education



    Negotiations Update #2 from Suzanne Brannagan, AIUEA Chief Negotiator
    On Wednesday, March 19, 2014, the Core Negotiations Team of the Allegheny Intermediate Unit Education Association and UniServe Representative Dan Carey met with representatives from the Allegheny Intermediate Unit to exchange proposals for the development of the 2014 Collective Bargaining Agreement.
    The meeting was cordial and productive.  Two additional dates for formal negotiations have been scheduled.
    Additional updates to follow. 


  • With the imminent sunset of the 2011-2014 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) on June 30, 2014, the process of negotiating the next CBA has begun.  In preparation for the 2014 Round of Negotiations and based on their commitment to this lofty task, I have selected the following members of the Allegheny Intermediate Unit Education Association (AIUEA) to represent the various programs of the Allegheny Intermediate Unit.  In preparation for this Round of Negotiations, many of the TEAM members listed below have attended PSEA’s Leadership Workshop at Gettysburg College. 


    Based on their significance to the process, I refer to them as the TEAM.


    Name                                      TEAM                                       Representation_______________

    Suzanne Brannagan                Chief Negotiator                        Bargaining Unit

    Victoria Rice Campbell           AIUEA Core Team Member     Bargaining Unit/District Based and Transition

    Danielle Clouse                       AIUEA Core Team Member       Bargaining Unit

    Mary Brushaber &                  AIUEA Committee Member     Centers: Mon Valley, Pathfinder

    Dana Ritter                             (with flexibility)                                              and Sunrise Schools

    Dena Conway                         AIUEA Committee Member     DART

    Betsy Dalton                           AIUEA Committee Member     English as a Second Language

    Darlene Geddes                      AIUEA Committee Member     Speech and Language

    Michael Horvat                       AIUEA Committee Member     Hearing and Vision

    Vicky Kovacs                         AIUEA Committee Member     Non Public Schools

    Jan Pressman                           AIUEA Committee Member     English as a Second Language

    Janice Vogan                           AIUEA Committee Member     Pupil Personnel Services

    Michael Harrison                     AIUEA Salary Committee        Bargaining Unit   

  • The TEAM’s first meeting was held on September 10, 2013.  At that time, the goal of meeting was to meet at least two times per month and remain in continual communication via text, email, and TEAM meetings was established.

  • Following the selection of the TEAM and the onset of internal meetings, the negotiation process included a PSEA-recommended survey which was mailed to our members.  The results of the surveys were tabulated by PSEA and returned to the TEAM in graph form for easy analysis. To insure that the TEAM maintains awareness of the needs and desires of the membership, this data is continually referenced during the negotiation process.  


    As required by Act 88 of 1992: The Collective Bargaining Law for School Employees and to meet the time line requirements of the process, Dan Carey, PSEA Uniserv Representative, and I met with Dr. Michael Brinkos,  Assistant Executive Director for Operations and Educational Services, and his negotiations team  on Tuesday, January 7, 2014.  In essence, with this meeting, the formal negotiations process has begun.


    Please allow periodic emails presented in this format to inform you of our progress in the negotiation process.  In other words, if you did not hear it directly from me or a member of the Core Team, then please consider it rumor, innuendo, or simply speculation.  For your reference, the updates will also be posted on our website at  Parenthetically, this process of communication was developed in response to your survey request for more information during the negotiation process.

    As updates are sent, you may want to track the sections of the CBA that are signed by noting such in your 2011-2014 CBA.  The periodic updates will provide the specific sections which have been signed by both teams to date. 


    If you know of a colleague who is not receiving negotiation updates, please have her/him email  to provide a private email address.  Use of an AIU email address is not appropriate and will not be accepted as part of the list serve.


    As always, our goal for the negotiation of the next CBA is a fair and equitable contract.  You may reach AIUEA leadership at any time by emailing us at

  • 2013-2014 Dues

            Total PSEA $498.00

            Total NEA  $182.00

            Local $200.00

            Total of $880.00

Dues Deduction will be $88.00 a month for 10 months. LOCAL DUES have NOT been raised for at least 7 years. We receive $20 a month of dues.

  • Allegheny County State Representative, Dan Miller, has recently put forth his first piece of legislation House Bill 1673, also known as the Parental Involvement Leave Act. H.B. 1673, similar in some was to the federal Family Medical Leave Act, would require employers to provide paid leave to employees so that they may attend parent teacher conference, participate fully in early intervention planning, IEP Meetings and attend other related activities pertinent to the academic advancement of their children.

  • Remember to check your September 15th pay. Take your pre tax amount and multiply by 24 to make sure you are on the correct salary and step. If you are not, contact the IU!!!


    Here we go again.

    The school year is only beginning and "Free To Teach," a front group for the anti-union, right-wing Commonwealth Foundation, has already started emailing our members and attacking our union. 

    You may have received one of these emails, and I wanted to make sure you know where it was coming from.

    What's the latest? 
    You may receive email messages arguing against Fair Share and attacking our campaign to elect a pro-public education governor in 2014.

    When you see messages like this, remember the source. The Commonwealth Foundation supports proposals that will allow people to receive union representation without paying for the services and benefits they receive. 

    Why Are They Doing This? 
    It's an attempt to weaken your rights and the protections you get as a PSEA member.

    And it's no coincidence that this is happening in the midst of a campaign to get Gov. Tom Corbett out of Harrisburg. 

    What Should We Do?
    Get the facts. Learn more about Fair Share on PSEA's website.

    On issues like these, we should consider any email from the Commonwealth Foundation or its affiliates, such as "Free to Teach," junk mail. As you delete the junk mail, remember that you are a proud Association member and an enthusiastic advocate for the teachers, children, and public schools in Pennsylvania.


  •  Information on a healthcare rally under our documents section on the right!!

  • Affordable Healthcare Act Update
    Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield now covers breast pumps under the Affordable Healthcare Act.  The change, which took place on July 1, 2013 covers 100% of the cost on both manual and electric breast pumps. In order for the breast pump to be covered, the patient will need to get a prescription from their OB/GYN.  The patient will then have to go through a medical supplier, like Lanza, to get the breast pump.  A breast pump bought at Babies “R” Us or Target will not be covered by our insurance company. 
    If you have questions or need to find a medical supplier near you please call Highmark at 1-877-258-3123

  • Please "like" the Allegheny Intermediate Unit Association on Facebook! Just search for it and like us. Important information and dates will be on this page. Feel free to share

  •  PSEA will continue to work with PDE as they develop an evaluation system that meets the requirements of the new law. It is important to note that PSEA serves in an advisory capacity only. PSEA remains committed to ensuring that educators are evaluated by a system that is valid, reliable, and fair.

    Find advisories, research materials, and additional information on PSEA's Teacher Evaluation toolkit, available at

  •  Share this information with PSEA members.

    Reminder that a majority of Pennsylvania special education teachers will be evaluated in 2013-14 with the new system.

  • PSEA Member Benefits: Saving Money just got easier with PSEA's new Access Web Portal (AWP) Beginning September 1st, you can log in and resiter on AWP:

1. Log onto

2. Register with your PSEA member ID and a valid email address.

3. Don't forget to click on the validation link after you complete your registration.  

  • If you change your name, email or phone number at any time, please send the information to  !!! 

  • When requesting the enrollment forms for insurance both should be sent PPO and HMO.  People need to make sure the fill out the plan they wish to have.


Important Information





  • Spending Plan (FSA’s)
Members – You should have recently received a document form the AIU regarding Flexible Spending Plans.

We encourage you to seriously consider utilizing this plan to cover your out of pocket expenses.  Remember your insurance now has a deductible ($200.00 individual and $400.00 for family) which will also fall under the category of out of pocket expenses.




  • Are you a mentor?

Perhaps you are a formal mentor.  Perhaps you are a natural mentor.  Mentors are such an important part of the development of a novice teacher or a teacher who transfers into a new program.  Association Leadership applauds the individuals who volunteer to mentor – whether formally or naturally!

  • The good mentor is committed to the role of mentoring.
  • The good mentor is a model as a continuous learner.
  • The good mentor is accepting of the beginning teacher.
  • The good mentor is skilled at providing instructional support.
  • The good mentor is effective in different interpersonal contexts.
  • The good mentor communicates hope and optimism.


  • Retirement Information

Retirement is not just a big decision – it is a decision which must be made on clear and comprehension information.   If you are within five years of retiring, consider attending a retirement preparatory workshop.  In your PSERS Active Member Newsletter a schedule for the Foundations for Your Future workshops for the remaining academic year is available.  You may attend a workshop in a different region.  Simply call the region of your choice and make your reservation to attend.

Please note: Contractually, in order to be eligible for the retirement healthcare benefits, staff is required to submit a formal letter of retirement no later than March 30.  If the decision is not made by March 30, then an employee must give 60 days notice to retire to Human Resources and reserve retirement healthcare benefits. 

  • National Board Certification

(As reprint from

National Board certification is the highest earned credential in the teaching profession. A teacher-driven, voluntary process established by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, certification is achieved through a rigorous, performance-based assessment that typically takes one to three years to complete, and measures what accomplished teachers should know and be able to do. National board certification does not replace the need for state certification. As part of the process, teachers build a portfolio that includes student work samples, assignments, videotapes and a thorough analysis of their classroom teaching. Additionally, teachers are assessed on their knowledge of the subjects they teach.


  • PA Education’s Newest Acronym: EEP

EEP, Educator Effectiveness Project, is PDE’s continuing effort to redesign educator evaluation.  The funding source for the creation of new evaluation rubrics, training, and professional development is part of the $41 million in federal competitive grants awarded to the commonwealth from Race to the Top (RTTT) funds.  The EEP continues to have as its goal the use of ‘multiple measures of student achievement and growth.’  The EEP is still in the design phase and the evaluation rubrics are still under development.  In the interim, the professional employees of the AIU will continue to be evaluated by the current evaluation instruments.

Source: PSEA Professional Learning Exchange


Follow PSEA on:  and


Teachers have a maniacal focus on perfection!



Important Dates for AIUEA
Important AIUEA Information
  • How to contact Pennsylvania State Representatives:
  • How to Contact State Senators:
  • Governor Tom Corbett: 225 Main Capitol Bldg. Harrisburg, PA 17120-0020
    Phone: 1-717-787-2500, Fax: 1-717-775-8284 Email:
  • To Register to vote: Voter registration forms can be downloaded at Click on the right side of the page (voter registration application)
  • To find out who your legislators are: Call your county election bureau and give them your address. They will tell you who your state representative is and who your state senator is if you are uncertain.
  • Allegheny County: call 412-350-4500
  • Be sure to contact your legislator about important topics emailed to you by our president!! Emails are sent out frequently!!
  • Be sure to read your emails from PSEA and respond to any action needed!!

    ¨ Visit to make your voice heard.

    ¨ Sign a petition opposing the governor’s proposed school funding cuts at

    ¨ Sign up for text message alerts about school vouchers and school funding at

    ¨ or to see if your district is on the list for cuts!

  • Support PSEA-PACE

    PSEA-PACE is a political action committee established by PSEA to support candidates in Pennsylvania elections. PACE is a voluntary contribution you can make to state and local candidates who support issues related to public education. You can also voluntarily contribute to the NEA-Fund. The National Education Association Fund for Children and Public Education supports pro-public education candidates who are running for federal office.

    If you are a new hire who would like to make a political action contribution for PSEA-PACE for local and state elections and/or the NEA-Fund for federal elections, complete the pledge section on the same enrollment used to join the AIUEA. If you are an existing member who would like to contribute to PSEA-PACE and/or the NEA-Fund, contact Jan Pressman to have a contribution form sent to you. You can make a one-time contribution or a continuous year-to year pledge. Only 42 of our 400 members contribute on a regular basis to PACE. We need your support!
  • To join partners for public education it only costs $1.00 for a 5 year membership!! For more information please go to!

    To write letters to show support for the Chester Upland School District send to: Chester Upland 400 North Third St. P.O. Box 1724 Harrisburg, PA 17105-1724

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PSEA remembers Dan Doughton
PSEA UniServ Representative Dan Doughton, a respected colleague and tireless advocate for educators, passed away on Oct. 14.
10/23/2014 1:34:35 PM

PSEA proudly joins the Campaign for Fair Education Funding
It's time to reverse the governor's devastating school funding cuts, and create a fair, sustainable funding formula to make sure that every student in Pennsylvania has the opportunity to succeed. More than 40 organizations, including education groups from across the state, the business community, labor organizations, religious organizations, and community groups formed a new, unprecedented coalition to make these goals a reality: the Campaign for Fair Education Funding.
10/21/2014 2:01:16 PM

York community rallies against the corporate takeover of public schools
Parents, educators, students, and religious leaders are calling on the York City School Board to reject the bids of two out-of-state charter corporations competing to take over the city's public schools.
9/25/2014 4:10:14 PM

Gov. Corbett calls for continued public review of state academic standards
Just a year after praising the passage of Pennsylvania Core Standards, the state's adaptation of national Common Core academic standards, Gov. Tom Corbett is calling for "continued public review" of English-language arts and math standards in elementary and secondary schools. The announcement leaves school administrators and educators scrambling to determine next steps, now that Gov. Corbett appears to be backing away from his administration's own policy.
9/18/2014 6:04:41 PM

PSEA Report: Poorest students pay biggest price for school funding cuts
A new PSEA research report finds that Gov. Tom Corbett's nearly $1 billion in school funding cuts have hurt Pennsylvania’s poorest school districts and its neediest students the most, with larger classes and a drop in student achievement on standardized test scores.
8/27/2014 1:05:51 PM