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Allegheny Intermediate Unit Education Association

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724-433-1015 for routine calls and/or texts!



Member Information
    • NEGOTIATIONS UPDATE: After a summer of meetings, Formal Negotiations between the AIU and the AIUEA have stalled, specifically over compensation.  At this point, there are only seven sections that remain unsigned.  Two sections are simply clerical, one is our evaluation, and the remaining four are tied to compensation, with the latter likely to be bundled.

      As we enter a second academic year under a contract extension, you will be called to action.  AIUEA Leadership and your Negotiations Teams are creating a Settlement Task Force (STF).  Matt Edgell from PSEA has been assigned to assist us.  Members are being contacted to serve on the committee and a chair is being selected. The STF will be responsible for the coordination of activities that increase ‘calls to action’ to our members and  activities that move us toward a fair and equitable settlement:

      • Organize regional clusters
      • Create phone/text trees
      • Create a pin: All IUnion
      • Identify members who live in the election districts of AIUEA board members and engage in informal approaches individually or with small group

      In the interim, you are asked to

      • Wear AIUEA STRONG tee shirts to AIUEA In-service/Professional Development Days, AIU Board of Directors meetings, and when/where appropriate.  Wear days in a row if necessary.
      • Wear wrist bands every day, when/where appropriate.
      • Attend Informational picketing when called to action.
      • Attend the Monday,  August 24 AIU Broad of Directors' meeting commencing at 7:00 PM.  We know at this point that there will be a parent who is speaking publicly to support AIU services.
      • You are also welcomed to showcase the good work tat you do.
      • Attend the General Membership meeting with date TBE.

      We are all frustrated by the lack of a settlement.  However, I formally request that you temper any anger towards your Association Leadership and your Negotiations Teams’ members.  This would include negative speak and malevolent criticism.  Both your Core Team and your Negotiations Team have worked and met and planned and researched and strategized and agonized.  We request and need your support, or at the least, we request that you do no harm.

      This is not the time to be passive.  If you would like to be part of the STF, please text VR Campbell at 412.417.1748.

      Special Recognition to:

      • ESL Teachers - Sea of blue at ESL Realignment!
      • Vicky Kovachs (Retired) - All IUnion button idea.
      • Jan Pressman (ESL) and Cindy Salvis (Sunrise) for their vigilance of AIU in the media.

    • Look under the documents section on the right 

    • hand side for Act 48 information thru PSEA 

    • and the It Pays to Belong document!

    • Go to to enter 

    • your school into a contest for a teachers lounge makeover! 

    • Only takes a few minutes!

    • If you have had your fingerprints done this summer and/or 

    • renewed your act 34 and 151 clearances, please send or 

    • scan/email your act 34 and 151 to 

    • They need a copy of those clearances. The fingerprints they can check online!

    • If you haven’t already done so please check your pay stubs.  Some

    • people have been double charged for their benefits.  Payroll is 

    • aware of the issue and will be administering checks for those that 

    • have been affected by this.  If you notice any issues other than being 

    • double charged please contact payroll. Also our 125 flexible spending 

    • plan was sent to us on July 22nd. It has to be in to the IU by August 1

    • 4th. This year they are doing a debit card so 2 forms are to be submitted.

    • Please check out our new section to the left entitled 

    • Negotiations Updates for all past updates on the contract 

    • negotiations. Current updates will still be posted on the home page!

    • July 12, 2015 Negotiations Update from Suzanne Brannagan, AIUEA Chief Negotiator

      The following sections remain to be settled (TA)

      Section 1 Agreement

      Section 14 Evaluation

      Section 20 Work Year

      Section 71 Fringe Benefits

      Section 78 Duration of Agreement

      Section 82 Retirement Benefits

      Appendix B: Salary Schedules


      Your Negotiations TEAM will continue to bargain throughout the summer. 

      You may reach AIUEA leadership at any time by emailing us at

      If you know of a colleague who is not receiving Association emails, 

    • please have her/him email to provide

    • a private email address.  Use of an AIU email address is not 

    • appropriate and will not be accepted as part of the list serve.

    • For your reference, the updates will also be posted on our website at



    Dues for 2014-2015 School Year

    PSEA      $506.00

    NEA       $183.00

    Local      $200.00

    Total      $889.00

    Dues payments will be $88.90/month for 10 months. 

    This is the 10th year in which local dues have NOT been raised.

  • Please "like" the Allegheny Intermediate Unit Association on 
  • Facebook! Just search for it and like us. Important information
  •  and dates will be on this page. Feel free to share!

  • If you change your name, email or phone number at any time, 
  • please send the information to our membership chair  !!! 


PSEA Legal Webinar Series: Child abuse reporting requirements
PSEA's Legal Division will host a series of webinars to help make sure members understand Pennsylvania's new child abuse reporting requirements and how they impact educators.
8/28/2015 11:09:58 AM

Educators testify on the failures of standardized testing
Elementary teachers Daniel Bloch (Upper Dauphin) and Linda Hicks (Oxford Area) traveled to a July 29 hearing in Harrisburg with a simple message for legislators: Pennsylvania's standardized testing system deserves a failing grade.
7/30/2015 11:45:35 AM

Meet the winners of the 2015 PSEA Celebrating Excellence Awards

Pennsylvanians care about public schools and their communities - and PSEA's Celebrating Excellence Awards celebrate these outstanding individuals and organizations each year.

Meet this year's honorees.

7/24/2015 12:43:39 PM

Partnering with parents to inspire love of the arts
Music and the arts are a critical part of a well-rounded education. They introduce creativity and innovative thinking into day-to-day learning, and have been found to increase students’ social and emotional skills and competencies, including teamwork, confidence, communication, and leadership.
7/13/2015 4:02:58 PM

Here's what's happening in Harrisburg
State legislators in Harrisburg are debating the state budget, pension legislation, and a variety of other issues of importance to PSEA members. PSEA will update this page throughout the weekend as news becomes available.
7/9/2015 1:03:59 PM

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